But no idea how to make it happen?

I can help. If you've dreamt of writing your own interiors, craft, DIY or food book, this is the course for you. I went from being a relatively unknown interior stylist to a best selling interiors author, writing four successful books in six years. In this course I'll share with you everything I've learned about creating an effective lifestyle book proposal, getting it in front of the right people, and hopefully bringing you one BIG step closer to your dream of being a published author.


Interior Stylist & Author

Emily Henson

Emily Henson is a leading interior stylist and best selling author known for her creative, approachable style. She began her career as a childrenswear designer and later worked as a display artist and merchandiser for Anthropologie before venturing into styling. Emily now works as a freelance stylist/art director for clients including IKEA, Anthropologie, Facebook and Versace. Emily also hosts talks and workshops on styling in London and overseas and writes a popular blog, Life Unstyled. She is the author of four interiors books - Modern Rustic, Bohemian Modern, Life Unstyled and Be Bold. Emily lives in London with her two teenage children.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Before we begin

    • Welcome!

    • Who I am and what I do

    • Keep in touch: contact page

  • 2

    Module 1: Developing your idea

    • The concept, structure & feasibility of your book idea

    • A guide to fine tuning your concept (a handy downloadable recap)

    • CASE STUDY: Food Stylist & Author Frankie Unsworth on finding a new angle for a cookery book

    • Screen recording: Using Pinterest to develop your concept

    • CASE STUDY: Stylist & Designer Abigail Edwards - on publishing a book on interiors and textile designers

    • Assignment: visualise your concept!

  • 3

    Module 2: Building a social media presence

    • Why it matters

    • Top tips for growing an authentic following

    • An example of a well considered Instagram account of a lifestyle author

    • Assignment: grow your audience

  • 4

    Module 3: Creating your proposal

    • Quick intro

    • Crafting the perfect proposal: what to include

    • Annabel Morgan, Senior Commissioning Editor of publisher RPS describes what she's looking for in a proposal

    • Modern Rustic original proposal

    • Sneak peek: the original book proposal for Be Bold

    • BE BOLD book original proposal slides

    • Sneak peek: the original book proposal for Life Unstyled

    • Life Unstyled book proposal slides

    • Assignment: create your document

  • 5

    Module 4: Getting your proposal in front of the right people

    • Intro

    • Inside scoop: Q&A with Senior Commissioning Editor Annabel Morgan of London/New York publisher RPS

    • CASE STUDY: Craft/DIY author Hester van Overbeek - the creative way she caught her publisher's attention

    • Assignment: create a list of publishers

  • 6

    Module 5: If at first you don't succeed (dealing with rejection)

    • What to do if your book proposal is rejected by a publisher

    • Steps to re-working your proposal if you get rejected

    • CASE STUDY: Designer & Author Justina Blakeney on how her (now NYT best selling) book was at first rejected

  • 7

    Module 6: You got a book deal! Now what?

    • Intro

    • The nitty gritty of producing your book

    • Photographer Sarah Hogan & Stylist Emilio Pimentel-Reid on their three year journey to publishing a book

  • 8

    Mini Module 7: Promoting your book

    • Tips for creating buzz around your book

    • CASE STUDY: Sara Bird and Dan Duchars of The CONTENTed Nest share their experience pitching as a stylist/photographer team

  • 9


    • Before you go

  • 10


    • FAQs

What's included?

Seven modules consisting of videos, useful downloads, narrated slides, practical and achievable assignments to help you reach your goal, and even an analysis of three of my own original book proposals and what you can learn from them. And hopefully the inspiration and motivation to make your dream of becoming a published author a reality! The course is self paced and available for 365 days from purchase.

  • Practical advice for developing your book idea

  • Case studies from six published lifestyle authors: how they went from book idea to bookshelf

  • Insider knowledge: advice from a Senior Commissioning Editor at a leading London/New York publishing house

  • Step by step instructions for creating a pitch-ready book proposal

  • Pro tips for producing your book once you get a deal: the process and the order of things

  • Access to a private Facebook discussion group

  • FAQ's